About Us


Our Values

  • Win People's Hearts.
  • Work, Hard, Play Hard .
  • We Love Challenges.
  • We will remember your name.
  • Your Passion Matters!
  • Diversity.
  • We listen to you!
  • Building Communities.
  • We believe in people.
  • One Family.
  • Straightforward and open-minded
  • Keep it simple.

We Are Always at The Forefront
of The Business Way !

Know about us

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  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Our aim is to build an institution that inspires
  • We're powered by our passion for Self-development
  • We are interested in building Careers for individuals, We also been to improve Corporates' performance We improve people's personal shills to smoothly help them facilitate their daily interactions with others
  • At ALA we don't sell regular products or routine services, we just dedicate you precious practical shills you will instantly use in the business field
Our Vision is to be the first training Guru in Africa & The Middle East We strongly seek to contribute to enrich nations' cultures and then the development of communities in MEA region.
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